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Past Events


Gigs listed with most recent at top


May 29th     Guilt & Co     Jason Winikoff's Hot 5

May 25th     SFU Goldcorp     Hard Rubber Orchestra

May 16th     RCP Post Lindy Bloom Festival     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

May 12th     Lindy Bloom Festival     Jason Winikoff's Hot 5

May 11th     Frankies Afterdark     DM Electric Ko

May 8th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

May 4th     Whitehorse Yukon: Yukon Jazz     Taras Luka 4-tet

May 3rd     Whitehorse Yukon: UCAY Fundraiser     Taras Luka 4-tet

April 25th     Rhythm City Productions Dance     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

April 20th     Sugar Swing Edmonton     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

April 19th     Swing Dance Calgary     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

April 18th     Frankies Jazz Club     Taras Luka 5-tet

April 5th     Tyrant Studios     DM Electric Ko

March 28th     Rhythm City Strut     Dean Thiessen and the Good Eggs

March 27th     Guilt & Co.     Jason Winikoff's Hot 5

March 26th     Guilt & Co.     Reuben Spykar Trio

March 24th     Crescent Beach Legion Swing Dance     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

March 23rd     Jazz Cats Social Dance     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

March 20th     The Fox Cabaret     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

March 27th     Guilt & Co     Taras Luka 6-tet

March 9th     Pan Pacific Coal Harbor Lounge     Cindy Dai Trio

March 8th     The Fox Cabaret     STRANGER FRIENDS ORCHESTRA

March 2nd     Guilt & Co     D.M. Electric Ko ***postponed

February 23rd     Lulu Island Winery     Teresa Marie Duo

February 17th     Jazz At The Bolt     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

February 4th     White Rock Traditional Jazz Society     Jason Winikoff's Hot 5

February 2nd     Tyrant Studios     Jeffrey Dawson Trio

January 19th     Tyrant Studios     Taras Luka 5-tet

January 10th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Chelsea McBride Trio

2023 (105 Public Gigs)

December 22nd     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Thomas Houlden + Chelsea McBride Big Band Christmas

December 15th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     The Shorties Christmas 

December 12th     West Van Memorial Library     Dean Solo Piano

December 10th     2nd Floor Gastown     Francis + Dean Duo

December 3rd     Frankies Jazz Club     STRANGER FRIENDS

November 30th     Frankies Jazz Club     Teresa Marie 5-tet

November 29th     Magee Secondary     Thomas Houlden 11-tet

November 25th     Woodwards Atrium     John Korsrud's Absolute Unit

November 19th     The Heatley     D.M. Electric Ko

November 18th     Michael J Fox Theatre     The Dream Continues Show

November 10th     Frankies After Dark     Josh Robert's Trio Plays Nat King Cole

November 5th     Hero's Welcome     Teresa Marie and The Three

October 29th     2nd Floor Gastown     Taras Luka Trio

October 28th     Uptown Swing Collective Dance     Dean & The Things

October 27th     Tyrant Studios     UnZappologetic

'Relive The Music' Eastern Canada Tour

October 23rd     Flato Academy Theatre Lindsay, ON     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 22nd     Living Arts Centre, Hammerson Hall Mississauga, ON     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 19th     Rebecca Cohn Auditorium Halifax, NS     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 18th     The Savoy Theatre Glace Bay, NS     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 17th     The Capitol Theatre Moncton, NB     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 16th     Harbourfront Theatre Summerside, PEI     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 15th     Imperial Theatre Saint John, NB     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 14th     The Fredericton Playhouse, NB     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 12th     Centennial Theatre Sherbrooke, QB     Relive The Music 50s & 60s   

October 11th     Oscar Peterson Concert Hall Montreal, QB     Relive The Music 50s & 60s     

October 10th     Meridian Theatre Ottawa, ON    Relive The Music 50s & 60s 

- - - - - - - - - -    

September 28th     Rhythm City Swing Dance     Jason Winikoff's Hot 5

September 24th     Golden Ears United Church     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

September 23rd     Pan Pacific Coal Harbour Lounge     Cindy Dai Trio

September 23rd     North Van Ship Yards     D.M. Electric Ko

September 22nd     Trinity Grace United Church     Stranger Friends play Good Samaritan Suite

September 21st     1931 Gallery Bistro     Dean Thiessen & Marcus Abramkiz Duo

September 17th     2nd Floor Gastown     Juhli Conlinn sings Edith Piaf

September 9th     Guilt & Co.     D.M. Electric Ko

September 3rd     Rhythm City Mess Around     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

September 2nd     Rhythm City Mess Around     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

August 31st     1931 Gallery Bistro     Dean Thiessen & Francis Henson Duo

August 29th     Dosanko     Saul Berson Trio

August 19th     Swing Cat's Social (New West)     Kayden Gordon's 'Chill but Wack'

August 9th     Capo & The Spritz     Teresa Marie Trio

August 5th     Annex     ENCORE: Vancouver Tap Society

August 4th     Tyrant Studios     Thomas Houlden plays Booker Little

August 3rd     Laowai     Dean & Wynston Duo

August 2nd     West Van Memorial Library     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

July 30th     2nd Floor Gastown     Chelsea McBride Trio

July 29th     North Van Ship Yards     Teresa Marie 4-tet

July 27th     Laowai     Dean Thiessen & Joseph Lubinsky-Mast Duo

July 26th     Capo & The Spritz     Teresa Marie Trio

July 22nd     Granville BIA     Teresa Marie + Dean Thiessen Duo

July 16th     Granville Island     Alex Clancy's 'Love Swings' 

July 15th     Cambie Village BIA     Teresa Marie Trio

July 12th     Capo & The Spritz     Teresa Marie Trio     

July 11th     Moody Park     Dean Thiessen Solo

July 9th     Frankies Jazz Club     Jeffrey Dawson Trio

July 8th     Frankies Jazz Club     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

July 6th     Laowai     Dean & Wynston Duo


July 2nd     2nd Floor Gastown     Casey Thomas-Burns Duo

July 1st     2nd Floor Gastown     Josh Roberts' Trio

June 30th     2nd Floor Gastown     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

June 29th     Laowai     Dean & Joseph Duo

June 26th     Guilt & Co.     Bonnie Northgraves 6-tet

June 26th     Let's Hear It Yaletown     Casey Thomas-Burns 4-tet

June 25th     Vancouver Art Gallery     STRANGER FRIENDS ORCHESTRA

June 24th     Granville Island Ocean Art Works     Will Clements' COMPASS

June 23rd     Frankies After Dark     Jason Winikoff's Crescent Quartet

- - - - - - - - - - 

June17th     White Rock Jazz & Blues Festival     Stranger Friends Trio

June 15th     French Cultural Centre     Andrea Superstein

June 8th     Lucy Swing Dance     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

June 7th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Stranger Friends 4-tet

May 30th     2nd Floor Gastown     Juhli Conlin-Weiss Sings Edith Piaf

May 28th     2nd Floor Gastown     Dean + Cindy + Francis Trio

May 28th     Arts In The Garden     Rachel Maddock's 'Clear Water'

May 24th     Brentwood Jazz Vespers     Stranger Friends  

May 21st     2nd Floor Gastown     John Nicholson Trio

May 19th     The Fox     Madelyn Read Concrete Country Album Release

May 16th     2nd Floor Gastown     Pressley Murillo Trio

May 13th     Frankies Jazz Club (After Dark)     Electric Dean Band

May 5th     Frankies Jazz Club (After Dark)     Anita Eccleston 'Gala Gardens)

LindyBout XV

April 29th     LindyBout XV     Josh Robert's Orchestra

April 28th     LindyBout XV     Josh Robert's Orchestra

April 27th     LindyBout XV     Bonnie Northgraves Swingn' Six

- - - - - - - - - -

April 22nd     Vancouver Community Collage     John Korsrud's Absolute Unit

April 16th     Northwood Jazz Vespers     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

April 12th     Guilt & Co.     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

April 8th     Tyran Studios     Electric Dean Band

April 4th     2nd Floor Gastown     MacKenzie Tran Trio

April 2nd     St. Andrews Wesley United Jazz Vespers     STRANGER FRIENDS (Good Samaritan Suite)

March 28th     2nd Floor Gastown     Shruti Ramani Trio

March 26th      St. Andrews Jazz Vespers (NV)     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

March 19th     2nd Floor Gastown     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

March 18th     Tyrant Studios     Jason Winikoff's Postcards from Zambia

March 15th     Presentation House Theatre     John Korsrud's Absolute Unit

March 12th     Frankies Jazz Club     Teresa Marie 4-tet

March 4th     Guilt & Co.     Electric Dean Band

February 28th     The Dusty Flowerpot     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

February 25th     The Cultch     Vancouver Tap Society 

February 24th     Tyrant Studios     Jeffrey Dawson Trio

February 14th     2nd Floor Gastown     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

February 12th     St. Andrews Wesley United Church     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

February 10th     Oakridge United Church     Stranger Friends Good Samaritan Suite

February 5th     Jazz @ The Bolt Festival     Teresa Marie 4-tet

January 22nd     Lanalous     John Korsrud's Absolute Unit

January 18th     Guilt & Co.     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

January 13th     Tyrant Studios     McBride / Houlden 5-tet       

January 10th     2nd Floor Gastown     STRANGER FRIENDS trio

2022 (75 public gigs)

December 23rd     Frankies Jazz Club     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

December 22nd     Rhythm City Swing Dance     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

December 18th     2nd Floor Gastown     Chelsea McBride Trio

December 18th     Lynn Valley United Church     Lynn Valley Voices Choir Concert

December 15th     YVR     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

December 9th     Frankies Jazz Club     Jason Winikoff's Postcards From Zambia

December 7th     Tangent Cafe     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

December 2nd     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Shorties Christmas 

November 25th     Vancouver Christmas Market     Teresa Marie & Dean Thiessen Duo

November 11th     Frankies Jazz Club     STRANGER FRIENDS

November 10th     Havana Theatre     Jeffrey Dawson Trio

November 9th     Guilt & Co.     The Dean Thiessen Electric Band 

October 26th     Guilt & Co.     Josh Roberts 6-tet

October 23rd     2nd Floor Gastown     Josh Robert's Trio (Music of Nat 'King' Cole)

October 22nd     Tyrant Studios     UnZappologetic

October 21st     Guilt & Co.     The Dean Thiessen Electric Band

October 20th     Capilano University     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

October 15th     Coal Harbour Pan Pacific     Cindy Dai Trio

October 12th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

October 11th     2nd Floor Gastown     Cindy Dai Trio

September 30th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Chris Berner Jazz Orchestra

September 28th     Guilt & Co.     Bonnie Northgraves' 6-tet

September 25th     LanaLou's     John Korsrud's Absolute Unit

September 10th     White Rock Busking & Comedy Festival     Dean Thiessen's Electric Band

September 3rd     Osita     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

September 3rd     Grosvenor Park (West Van)     Casey Thomas-Burns 4-tet

September 3rd     Grosvenor Park (West Van)     Solo Piano

August 31st     Cambie Village     Teresa Marie Trio

August 25th     The Annex     Jeffrey & Friends Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival

August 23rd     Burnaby Summer Stages Series     The Josh Roberts Band

August 19th     Frankies After Dark     Teresa Marie 4-tet

August 12th     Burnaby Summer Stages Series     The Josh Roberts Band     

July 19th     Burnaby Summer Stages Series     The Josh Roberts Band     

July 15th     Jazz Social Cats Swing Dance     Josh Roberts Band

July 13th     LanaLou's     John Korsrud's ABSOLUTE UNIT           

July 10th    Guilt & Co     The Josh Roberts Band 

July 6th      Burnaby Summer Stages Series     The Josh Roberts Band 

July 2nd     2nd Floor Gastown     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

June 29th     Guilt and Co.     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

June 29th     Yale Town Street Dance     Josh Robert's Band

June 28th     2nd Floor Gastown     Dean Thiessen's STRANGER FRIENDS

June 26th     Queen's Avenue United     Rainbow Chorus & Friends concert

June 25th     Massey Theatre     Alex Clancy and Noah Gotfrit's 'Bending'

June 24th     Frankies Jazz Club     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

June 23rd     Massey Theatre     Alex Clancy and Noah Gotfrit's 'Bending'

June 19th     Burnaby Village Museum     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

June 17th     Tyrant Studios     Amber Tsang 5-tet

June 17th     Oak Ridge United Church     Grand Slam Band

June 15th     Guilt & Co     Josh Robert's Band

June 12th     Lynn Valley United     Lynn Valley Voices 'Hope'

June 11th     Century House New Westminster Swing Dance    Josh Robert's Band

June 11th     White Rock Jazz Fest (2 shows)     Dean Thiessen's STRANGER FRIENDS

June 1st     LanaLou's     John Korsrud's ABSOLUTE UNIT     

May 29th     2nd Floor Gastown     Jeremy Dawson (tap dancer) Trio

May 29th     2nd Floor Gastown     Cindy + Dean Duo

May 27th     Cheesecake Etc     Teresa Maria 4-tet

May 21st     Tyrant Studios     UnZappologetic (Tribute to Frank Zappa)    

May 15th     The Josh Roberts 4-tet     Guilt & Co

May 15th     St Andrews Wesley United     VCC Bigger Band 

May 14th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Dean Thiessen's STRANGER FRIENDS ORCHESTRA

April 17th     Frankies Jazz Club     VCC's Bigger Band (double bill with CapU's Narwhal)

April 16th     Bryan & Shalini's Wedding     Local Motion

April 3rd     The Dance Centre     On Stage Dance Showcase with Rachel Maddock

March 30th     Guilt & Co     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

March 20th     2nd Floor Gastown     Dean Thiessen & Matt Franceschini Duo    

March 9th     Guilt and Co     Georgia Lee Johnson     

March 7th     The Pourhouse     Wynston Minckler Trio  

March 6th     The Fairmont Pacific Rim     Music Heal's 'Let Her Sing' International Women's Day Event  

March 4th     Frankies Jazz Club     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet 

March 2nd     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     The New Generation Big Band (directed by Jen Kim)  

February 13th     2nd Floor Gastown     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

February 11th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church     Natalia Pardalis Trio     

January 11th     Guilt and Co     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

January 9th     The Pourhouse     Wynston Minckler & Friends

January 5th     Brentwood Presbyterian Church Jazz Evensong     Chelsea McBride Trio   

2021 (42 public gigs) 

December 22nd     Tangent Cafe     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

December 19th     Lynn Valley United Church     Lynn Valley Voices Christmas Concert "Home for the Holidays"

December 18th     Central Presbyterian Church     Thomas Houlden & Chelsea McBride Big Band Christmas

December 17th     Tyrant Studios     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

December 10th     North Shore Alliance Church     North Shore Worship Choir Christmas Concert

December 5th     2nd Floor Gastown     STRANGER FRIENDS Album Release

November 24th     Guilt and Co     Josh Roberts 4-tet

November 20th     Canada Music Week Workshop     Shruti Ramani 4-tet

November 10th     2nd Floor Gastown     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

November 3rd     Brentwood Presbyterian Church Jazz Evensong     STRANGER FRIENDS

October 27     Guilt and Co     Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet

October 18     Guilt and Co     Earth Tones

October 17     Guilt and Co     Josh Roberts Trio

September 25     Bike Vancouver Event     Georgia Lee Johnson

September 22     Brentwood Presbyterian Church Jazz Evensong     Adam Kyle Trio 

September 12     Chinatown Street Party     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet   

September 7     Capilano University Street Party     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

September 5     Guilt & Co.     Josh Roberts Trio

September 5     The Charlatan     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

September 4     Will Chernoff 4-tet     Fort Langley Jazz Festival

September 2     The Kino     Bonnie Northgraves Trio   

August 30     Guilt & Co.     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

August 26     The Kino     Bonnie Northgraves Trio    

August 14     One Eleven Grill (AB)     Dean Thiessen & Friends

August 13     One Eleven Grill (AB)     Dean Thiessen & Friends

August 5     The Kino     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

August 1    Guilt & Co.     Josh Robert's Trio

July 29     The Kino     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

July 26     Guilt & Co.     Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

July 22     The Kino     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

July 16     The Kino     Bonnie Northgraves Trio

July 1    Vancouver Jazz Fest Water Street Cafe    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 26    Bozzinis Restaurant    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 25    Vancouver Jazz Fest Youtube Live    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
June 8    Guilt and Co.    Josh Roberts Dio
May 16    Youtube Live Stream    Kayden Gorden Trio
April 4    Zoom Live Stream    Shruti Ramani Trio
March 21    Zoom Live Stream    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
February 28    Zoom Live Stream    Dean Thiessen / Ardeshir P
February 21    Water Street Cafe    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
February 14    Zoom Live Stream    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 24    Zoom Live Stream    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 3    Water Street Cafe    Shruti Ramani Trio
2020 (28 public gigs)        
November 25    Guilt & Co.    Josh Roberts Duo
November 2    Guilt & Co.    Josh Roberts Duo
October 24    The Heatley    Cole Patenaude Duo
September 14    Guilt & Co.    Josh Roberts Duo
August 31    No 88 Club    Shruti Ramani Duo
August 29    Robson Square (outdoor)    Bonnie Northgraves
August 25    No 88 Club    Shruti Ramani
August 24    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
August 9    Guilt & Co.    Josh Roberts 4-tet
July 26    Water Street Cafe    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 14    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 28    Water Street Cafe    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 25    Bozzinis Restaurant    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 24    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves Trio

Between March 1 and August 23 13 gigs were cancelled due to Covid-19    

February 28    Knuckles Bar and Grill    Bonnie Northgraves
February 26    Guilt & Co.    Josh Roberts 4-tet
February 25    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 23    Performance Works (TD Jazz Fest Winteruption)    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 21    Friday Night Live @ Lynn Valley United Church    Stranger Friends
February 15    Hot Club Swing Dance    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 14    Wildebeast     Bonnie Northgraves Duo
February 1    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 22    Tangent Cafe    MYLK
January 21    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 20    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
January 19    White Rock Legion    Jack Ray Band
January 28    Knuckles Bar and Grill    Bonnie Northgraves
January 14    Maplewood Taphouse    Angel Hoff Band
2019 (80 public gigs)        
December 18    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
December 17    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
December 7,8,13,14,15    Broadway Church Singing Christmas Tree    Solo Piano
December 10    Maplewood Taphouse    David Lavoie 4-tet
December 7    Hot Club Swing Dance    Kayden Gordon 6-tet
November 24    Roundhouse Theatre    Danny Neilson's - On Foot
November 20    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet ft. Danny Neilson
November 19    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
November 16    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio ft. Danny Neilson
November 3    St. Stephen's Jazz Vespers    Company B Jazz Band
November 2    Hot Club Swing Dance    Josh Roberts 4-tet
November 2    Bellingham Trad. Jazz    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
November 1    East Side Stomp    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
October 31    St. Michael's Hall    Company B Jazz Band
October 19    Williams Lake    Cole Patenaude Band
October 16    Presentation House     David Lavoie 4-tet
October 12    Alpen Club    Peter Juric
October 11    Alpen Club    Peter Juric
October 9    Libra Room    Stranger Friends
September 20    Bearcat Blues Dance    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
September 18    Presentation House     Stranger Friends
September 17    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
September 15    Gibson Island Brewery    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
September 6    Pats Pub    Thomas Holden 11-tet
August 24    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
August 23    Aslan Brew (Bellingham)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
August 22    Atlas Steak & Fish    Solo Piano
August 21    Guilt & Co .   Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
August 20    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
July 24 - 26    Whistler Public Residency    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 23    Red Speakeasy    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 21    The Heatley    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
July 19    Bearcat Blues Dance    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
July 18    Frankies (Chilliwack)    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 17    Brentwood Presbyterian Church Jazz Evensong    Stranger Friends
July 17    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet
July 16    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 14    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 12 - 13    Arts On The Fly Festival    Cole Patenaude Band
July 7    Roundhouse Outside    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 6    Revel Room    Bonnie's Album Release
June 28    Libra Room    Solo Piano

June 27    St. Michael's Hall    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet

June 25    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 16    Lynn Valley United Church    Lynn Valley Voices Spring Concert
June 12    Guilt & Co.    Josh Roberts 4-tet
June 8    Brentwood Presbyterian Church Jazz Evensong    Ben MacRae Trio
June 7    Watershed Cafe    Cole Patenaude Band
June 2    Cafe Deux Soleils    Cole Patenaude Band
May 13 - 21    UK Tour    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
April 27    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
April 20    Hot Club Swing Dance    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
April 14    North Shore Alliance Church    North Shore Worship Choir 
April 13    Grace Lutheran Church    Lynn Valley Voices 
April 7    Lindy 'Bout Granville Isl.    Josh Roberts' Big Band
April 6    Lindy 'Bout Granville Isl.    Josh Roberts' Big Band
March 25 - April 1    India Tour    Company B Jazz Band
March 21    Frankies (Chilliwack)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
March 20    Presentation House     Thomas Holden 11-tet
March 18    Libra Room    Company B Jazz Band
March 4    Libra Room    Company B Jazz Band
March 2    VPLibrary    Impressions Big Band
February 21    Frankies (Chilliwack)    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 20    Guilt & Co.    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 19    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 18    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
February 16    Ukrainian Catholic Centre    Bonnie Northgraves Allstars
February 15    Bez Arts Hub    Cole Patenaude Band
February 2    Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
February 1    Tyrant Studios    Stranger Friends
January 21    Libra Room    Company B Jazz Band
January 19    Hot Club Swing Dance    Ben MacRae 4-tet
January 18    Lovitt (Bellingham USA)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 16    Presentation House     Stranger Friends
January 15    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 14    Libra Room    Company B Jazz Band
January 11    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
January 7    Libra Room    Company B Jazz Band
January 5    Bellingham Trad. Jazz    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
2018 (50 public gigs)        
December 16    Lynn Valley United Church    Lynn Valley Voices
December 15    Broadway Church Singing Christmas Tree    Solo Piano
December 14    Lovitt (Bellingham USA)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
December 9    North Shore Alliance Church    North Shore Worship Choir 
December 8    Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
December 7    North Shore Alliance Church    North Shore Worship Choir 
December 2    White Rock Legion    Bonnie Northgraves' Jazz Chickens
November 30    Tyrant Studios    With Tuba And Friends
November 24th    Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
November 18th    Guilt and Co.    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
November 13th    Libra Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
November 9th    El Santo    Cindy Dai Trio
October 27th    Rio Theatre    Matt Grinke: Nightmare B4 Xmas
October 27th    Rio Theatre    Matt Grinke: Nightmare B4 Xmas
October 20th    Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
October 6th     Alpen Club    Peter Zurik
September 23rd    North Shore Alliance Church    Foundation Vocal Band
September 22nd    Honey's Doughnuts    Ben MacRae
September 16th    El Santo    Cindy Dai Trio
September 14th    Lovitt (Bellingham USA)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
August 18th    House Party    Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet
August 17th    Lovitt (Bellingham USA)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
August 16th    Frankies Chilliwack    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
August 14th    The Heatley    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
August 11th    El Santo    Cindy Dai Trio
August 4-6     Pender Island    Ben MacRae
August 3rd    Cafe Deux Soleils    Cole Patenaude Band
July 31st    Revel Room    Company B Jazz Band
July 27th    Pitt Meadows Golf Club    Cindy Dai Trio
July 22nd    Dancing In The Street    Bonnie Northgraves 4-tet
July 21st     Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
July 20th    Lovitt (Bellingham USA)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
July 19th    Frankies Chilliwack    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
July 17th    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
July 13th     Arts On The Fly Festival    Cole Patenaude Band
June 19th    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
June 16th    Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
June 9th    Alpen Club    Impressions BB. Jill Townsend
June 8th     Watershed Cafe    Cole Patenaude Band
May 4th     Greg's Studio    Vancouver Young Composers Ensemble (VYCE) Concert
April 29th    White Rock Legion    Bonnie Northgraves 5-tet
April 25th     Presentation House    Stranger Friends
April 14th    Lovitt (Bellingham USA)    Bonnie Northgraves Trio
March 31st    North Shore Alliance Church    North Shore Worship Choir 
March 12th    River Rock Casino    Fred Cheng
March 3rd    Libra Room    Melissa Hammer Trio
March 3rd    Vancouver Public Library    Impressions BB. Jill Townsend
February 25th    Lynn Valley United Church    Lynn Valley Voices
January 21st    Revel Room    Bonnie Northgraves Trio

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