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CAMPING SONG inspiration

My friends and I would go hiking in the Rocky Mountains or the Badlands of Alberta nearly every chance we could. We were novice hikers with a little too much confidence and our adventures would usually ending in some form of pure fear for my life or just garden variety chaos.

Go ahead and listen while you read

These moments where the turning points in most of our adventures...

I wonder where this cave goes?... ... It's not that far... Watch this... Do you think I can make it up there?... I think I can jump that... It's not that steep...

When I am writing music it is no surprise to me that I consistently go back to this time in my life with these adventures and these people. The memories have such a huge creative gravitational pull. We had the best kinds of friendships. The kinds that celebrated each others differences and loved each other regardless. We always found reasons to laugh with (or at) each other and build each other up in the most honest and pure way.

I am so incredibly happy with how the live-take of Camping Song went when we recorded it on November 21st, 2020. I think it is an excellent musical interpretation of how these adventured went. And thanks to Thad Bailey-Mai, Ben Parker, and Wynston Minckler for playing so well. And thanks to Stephanie Townsend for capturing the moment perfectly.

STRANGER FRIENDS full album out APRIL 2nd 2021!!

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