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May Newsletter

Hello family and friends,

This time last year could not look more different that now. I was in China (Beijing) with Cindy and her parents meeting all of Cindy's extended family and exploring some really amazing places and eating so... much... food... All the time in China I was eagerly anticipating flying from Beijing to Hong Kong and finally to London where I would meet up with my friends Bonnie Northgraves (Van), Wynston Minkler (Van), and Oscar Reynolds (UK).

We got to play some pretty amazing venues including a pub that was older than the confederation of Canada! But here we are, a year later, and so much of the music scene has come to a screeching halt. Even though there is no chance for you to come see me play music live for the month of May I have some other announcements that I am pretty excited for. There are still so many ways you can support local musicians and artist if you are able to.

Amazing announcement #1 ... Company B Jazz Band music video!

I had the great privilege of touring India with this band last year as well and shortly after that tour we recorded an album! This is one of my favorite original tracks from that record called "Delighted". The whole album is expected to be released this month!

Amazing announcement #2 ... NSWChoir Virtual Choir videos!

Since we have had to cancel our regular choir rehearsals we have been creative with other ways to sing together. So Cindy and I put together these amazing videos of our choir members singing! Please enjoy!

Amazing announcement #3 ... Fun collaboration

My good friend and talented dancer, Rachel Maddock and I have collaborated on a couple short pieces. "In the DanceToMusicToDance series, Dean Thiessen (composer) and Rachel Maddock (dance artist) create mini collaborative performance videos. Dean sends an original 1-minute song, to which Rachel choreographs. Rachel sends 1-minute of original choreography, to which Dean composes. Simple, short, and sweet. Enjoy!"

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to these projects I've been a part of. There are 3 new albums on the very near horizon that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. I cannot wait to tell you all about them once they are out! It can sometimes be hard to be productive even when I have nothing but a ton of free time but I am working on some new solo piano music that I am looking forward to sharing with you all next month.

Thanks for reading!

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May 04, 2020

Super Dean. I love seeing your projects.


May 02, 2020

Love it! Keep on keeping on!

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